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At the core of Personal Data Sovereignty and the Data Bill of Rights is the conviction that individuals should have complete control over their personal data. This principle, supported by constitutional and human rights, drives our mission to decentralize data control using encryption and blockchain technology, ensuring that personal information remains in the hands of its rightful owners. 

In response to today’s encryption standards’ vulnerabilities and existing algorithms’ failures against emerging quantum computing threats, we are at the forefront of the push towards quantum-resistant cryptography. Our exploration of geometric solutions aims to fortify data security against future risks, highlighting the urgency of protecting digital information.

ORION’s inception was driven by the realization that value extends beyond fiat currency to the original content and data produced by individuals, emphasizing the necessity of quantum-secure encryption for protecting data sovereignty. Inspired by personal censorship experiences, ORION’s founder aimed to create a censorship resistant, decentralized platform with advanced encryption to ensure user rights and privacy, addressing the inadequacies of current messaging apps and the challenges posed by quantum computing and data monetization practices. 

The IT industry’s landscape, shaped mainly by the strategic maneuvers of major software providers, starkly contrasts with ORION’s vision of a trustless system. The allure of “free” services has led to a widespread dependency on social media and cloud storage platforms, masking the true cost: the commodification of personal data. This reality underscores the importance of re-evaluating the platforms we trust with our digital lives and the necessity for solutions that honor free will and privacy. Here, data is not only provably encrypted and decentralized, but is indisputably yours. Embracing this philosophy, we are committed to meticulously developing technology that respects and upholds our core values of privacy and autonomy.

ORION is dedicated to addressing these widespread issues through the systematic and thoughtful implementation of software in three distinct phases: 

  1. Bellatrix: ORION’s revolutionary messenger application, supporting autonomous/sovereign communities through quantum-secure end-to-end encrypted messaging.
  2. Betelgeuse: ORION’s decentralized storage solution facilitating data sovereignty for all.
  3. ORION’s Belt: ORION’s migration onto a post-quantum blockchain optimized for decentralized value transmission into the quantum age.

ORION serves a diverse community that values privacy, free speech, and community engagement. Whether you are an influencer, content creator, early adopter of Web3 technologies, or an advocate for privacy and security, ORION offers a sanctuary for your digital presence. 

To learn more, download our Litepaper.

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