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Whenever we push an update to ORION, this is where you’ll find the details. We’ve been hard at work, and we’re proud to share the progress we’ve made in a short period of time! Below, you’ll find a list of new features, optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Whether you encounter a bug or have ideas to share, we’re all ears! In ORION, go to Account Settings and select Feedback, or simply add OrionSupport as a contact and send your message directly. 

May 3, 2024

What’s New in v0.2.5

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Improved contact search functionality within the ‘Add Members’ dialog of group chats, particularly beneficial for users managing extensive contact lists (400+)
  • Resolved video controls in the attachment view modal on desktop app
  • Increased contrast for better visibility of PDF view control buttons
  • Updated button colors in the attachment view modal for the light theme
  • Optimized message bubble and chat list entry to prevent text overflow, avoiding horizontal scrolling in chats
  • Rectified default avatar & chat picture display for usernames that start with a special character to prevent instances where ‘undefined’ displays instead of two letters 
  • Fixed chat name display in chat header and chat drawer

April 30, 2024

What’s New in v0.2.4

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where P2P chats appeared above group chats in the chat list
  • Rectified problem preventing moderators from adding users to group chats
  • Addressed glitch causing attachments to display multiple times in the media drawer
  • Resolved visual bug causing background ornaments to overlap in some screen

April 29, 2024

What’s New in v0.2.3

Performance Improvements & Optimizations

  • Performance: ORION has been optimized for users participating in hundreds of chats, whether P2P of group chats
  • Scalability: Architecture & implementation can accommodate groups of up to 100k users)
  • Security: Strengthened security protocol for API requests

New Features & Enhancements:

  • Redesigned Chat List: New look, latest message activity populates at the top of the chat list, preview text displays most recent message for quick reference
  • Streamlined Contact Page: Redesigned to reduce steps needed to add or message users
  • Simplified Chat Creation: Updated for a smoother user experience
  • Theme Updates: New dark theme; light theme redesign; ORION blue theme improvements
  • Attachment Preview Enhancement: View attachment previews with a solid color background for better clarity
  • Account Settings Update: Improved zoom slider
  • Search Contacts: *NEW*
  • Enhanced Chat Management: Simplified user experience by removing the capability to create multiple chats with the same user
  • One Reaction Per Message: Users can add only one reaction per message
  • Enhanced P2P Notifications: P2P notifications now display sender

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue preventing users from zooming in and out of attachments
  • Fixed role change bug; member list no longer duplicates, eliminating the need for refreshing to view role change updates
  • Addressed contact count inconsistency
  • Ceased notifications for users’ own reactions or edits
  • Fixed chat avatar display for new chats, removing the need for manual refresh
  • Restored service messages upon user departure or removal from chats
  • Fixed attachment refusal bug related to non-Unicode filenames
  • Ensured consistency in profile pictures after modification
  • Prevented deleted users from receiving notifications for specific chats
  • Improved consistency and clarity in user search results

April 2, 2024

What’s New in v0.1.4:

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Attachments upload no matter the name (still needs to be saved as a .jpeg or .png before uploading)
  • No longer receive notifications for reactions – users still get notifications for messages, but not for reactions (emojis)
  • No longer receive notifications for a group chat that user has left
  • A broken message in a chat caused the entire chat to show a spinning wheel

Mar 14, 2024

What’s New in v0.1.3:

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Chat list now displays profile images for DMs
  • Header within the DM chat displays profile images
  • Buttons to open DM chat from drawer works
  • Reply with an image to an image or to a reply with an image now works
  • Note to self reintroduced and working
  • Reactions in DM chats display correctly

Mar 8, 2024

What’s New in v0.1.0:

  • Added ability to mute chats
  • Improved scroll function
  • Improved infinite scroll on messages
  • Copied messages include styling (rich text format)
  • Added landscape mode on Android tablets
  • New P2P chat entities & events

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Resolved issue where every chat name appeared as the username of the account owner
  • Drawer no longer blocks modal when attempting to leave a chat or delete a group chat
  • No longer need to refresh in order for a deleted chat to be removed from chat list
  • Fixed text box size on mobile
  • Users can be promoted to admin or moderator without losing chat key
  • Users can now navigate between attachments on preview modal
  • Restored ability to copy messages outside of ORION app

Feb 16, 2024

What’s New in v0.0.5:

  • Application reload time is a lot faster
  • Open chat info drawer by clicking on the name of the chat
  • Add ability to create a chat with users that are not in your contacts
  • Add ability to add users that are not in your contacts to an existing chat
  • Save attachments in IndexDB to for 30 days to improve chat load time and avoid having to re-decrypt them
  • Unsent messages get saved as drafts
  • Allow user to enlarge all app components instead of only text size
  • Number of unread messages on app icon badge 
  • Virtualization of the members list in chat drawer, improving performance of big groups
  • Retain format when copy/pasting
  • Virtualization of contacts, allowing improve performance for contact list
  • Showing Orion users on chat creation dialog
  • Improvements of the websocket reconnecting flow, improving performance when coming back into the app
  • Versioning system got changed in order to use industry standards (semver)
  • Save app files on device to make it to work offline 
  • Core data architecture to improve performance
  • Added ADD TO CONTACTS button in user drawer
  • Faster encryption and decryption

Bug Fixes:

  • New chat not showing service messages (if user is not the creator)
  • Chat shows as empty until first scroll
  • The same chat name shows up multiple times in Chat list
  • Unable to open the chat that is highlighted when app loads (was selected before closing the app)
  • “Load more messages” not triggering if all messages from the first bach are visible on the screen
  • User can’t take back emoji reaction if the user wasn’t the first to react
  • Scrolling through messages sometimes freezes the app
  • “Unread messages count” not always clearing after viewing a messages from a chat
  • Missing “user removed” service message
  • Reaction disappears after exiting the chat & re-entering
  • Content from previous seen chat shows in the newly opened chat for a second
  • Messages sent while “websocket loading bar” is on don’t appear in the chat.
  • After reconnecting, app jumps to a different chat
  • Secret key missing after chat creation, causing critical failure
  • Chats show in incorrect order when a new chat is created from another device
  • Deleting a chat requires a refresh to make it also disappear from the list
  • Message sent in note to self chat appeared in another chat
  • Sometimes messages do not appear in a new chat without refresh
  • Sometimes chat in the URL is not synchronized with selected chat
  • Can create a group chat named “ “ (empty space)
  • Text written in message input clears out when a new member is added
  • Download button not working for PDFs
  • Creating a chat with long name shifts the UI
  • Spamming the add contact button causes duplicate entries in contacts

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